Birds and Brooks

BIRDS AND BROOKS features the tranquil melodies of distant songbirds set against the gentle gurgling of small creeks and streams. An excellent choice for yoga and meditation. There is nothing more refreshing than the forest in spring, with green leaves unfolding, wildflowers blooming, water sprites dancing, and birds happily singing the music of heaven in this world.

Insect Lullabies

INSECT LULLABIES features ten relaxing late summer and autumn insect choruses, all recorded in the dark of the night. Enjoy our insect musicians at their best … the lovely trills and chirps of crickets, the percussive scrapes and shuffles of katydids, enlivened by the distant hoots and howls of owls and coyotes. Imagine, in the cold of winter, falling asleep to a pulsing, simmering, summer night’s lullaby.

Birds at Dawn

BIRDS AT DAWN features ten uplifting dawn choruses from across eastern and central North America. Recordings have been selected for their pleasing combinations of sounds, which bring to mind the bursting forth of life in spring and the glorious concerts of nature at the dawning of the day. Perfect for playing softly in the background while you’re working, or at the beginning of each new day.

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