Swamp Song

1 track, 67 mins. (Compact Disc Version available here)


SWAMP SONG features over an hour of pristine, immersive nature sounds from the springfed Wacissa River in the panhandle of Florida. The recording begins before dawn, with owls, insects, and treefrogs dominating. Dawn soon unfolds and herons, grebes, moorhens, and songbirds celebrate the new day with their songs. At once an engaging, relaxing, and extraordinary nature sound experience.

TRACK EXCERPTSplay at low volume for the most natural effect:

Detailed Track Description

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1. Wacissa Wakening (67:00) – Recording by Lang Elliott,16 May 1994, night into dawn, Wacissa River, Florida.

Part 1: During the magical hour before dawn, Green Treefrogs sound off in the swamp, accompanied by the hoots of Barred Owls and a chorus of crickets. Listen also for the low rum … rum … rum of American Bullfrogs, barely audible at times in the background. The Barred Owls go on and on, as if they will never stop. This nighttime section (the first thirty minutes or so of the track) is supremely relaxing, a wonderful impression of the sounds of the swamp in the dark of the night.

Part 2: When dawn finally arrives, the songbirds join in the chorus. Listen for the whistles of a Northern Cardinal in the background, and also the spirited songs of Carolina Wren and White-eyed Vireo. Other swamp birds also sound off at first light. Listen for the the chattering outbursts and throaty kuk-kuk-kuk-cowp-cowp-cowp-cowp of Pied-billed Grebes, the sharp skeow! of Green Herons, the hoarse scaaah-scaaah-scaaah of Little Blue Herons, and the nasal whimperings of Common Moorhens. The Wacissa swamp is a veritable zoo of exotic creatures, each with a unique and recognizable voice.

Notes by Lang Elliott

lang_500-300x300I well remember camping along the Wacissa River in May of 1994, about five miles from its source, near an old, crumbling dam. In the hour before dawn, I canoed down a small canal into the river and set my soundscape microphone near the middle of the dam. It was my secret hope that none of the frogs, insects, or birds would sound off so close that it would overload the microphones and wreck the recording. Luckily, the wild creatures went along with my plan and provided me with an amazing soundscape that nicely documents the transition from night into dawn. What a wonderful portrayal of the Wacissa’s river ecosystem, a magnificent southern swamp rich with species. My favorite section is near the beginning, where Barred Owls hoot prominently for minutes on end while crickets trill and treefrogs choruses come and go. This is nature at its best, a pristine and strongly primeval sound expression.

Product Publication Information

Title: Swamp Song
Type: Pure Nature Soundscapes (stereo/binaural)
Length: 1 track, 67 minutes
Format: MP3 (256kbps) and FLAC digital downloads, On-demand Compact Disc
Download File Name: swamp_song.zip (128 megabytes); swamp_song_flac.zip (414 megabytes)
Date Published: April 2013
Recordist: Lang Elliott
Copyright: “Swamp Song” © 2013 Lang Elliott, Music of Nature, All Rights Reserved (note: each track is individually copyrighted by the person who recorded the track).
Cover Photos: barred owl closeup and background swamp scene from Shutterstock


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