Rain Thrush

1 track, 72 mins. (Compact Disc Version available here)


RAIN THRUSH is a supremely relaxing soundscape that features both Wood Thrushes and Veerys singing in light rain on a foggy morning in mid-May. Recorded among the hills of Danby State Forest in upper New York, this title is perfect for meditation and yoga, and provides an immersive backdrop for any activity where relaxation is key. This title ranks high as a pure nature “audio-massage”!

TRACK EXCERPTSplay at low volume for the most natural effect:

Detailed Track Description

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1. Thrushes Singing in Light Rain (72:00) – Over an hour of beautiful, immersive, continuous listening, created by sequencing four recordings made on the same rainy morning at the same hardwood forest location. Features the songs of Wood Thrush and Veery, with a close Ovenbird at times. Other species heard include Common Yellowthroat, Yellow Warbler, Brown Creeper, Dark-eyed Junco, and Black-capped Chickadee (plus more). 9 am, 16 May 2011, Danby State Forest near Ithaca, New York. © Lang Elliott.

Playback Volume: Adjust volume so that the raindrops and thrush songs are pleasing to the ear, so that the effect is gentle and meditative. It is important to listen at a volume that is similar to what you would actually experience in nature.

Notes by Lang Elliott

lang_500-300x300This recording was entirely unplanned. After a rather unproductive morning trying to record in the Danby State Forest near my hometown of Ithaca, New York, I decided to call it quits. On my way home it started to drizzle. I’m not sure what made me stop … perhaps just my intuition … but when I stepped out of my car I noticed a Wood Thrush, singing exquisitely in the light rain. I didn’t have “rain box” for my soundscape microphone, so I placed the mic under a large pine, which afforded good protection from falling raindrops. I ended up recording for nearly two hours, changing spots several times as the thrushes changed positions. I’m quite happy with the results. Yet another great recording for relaxation and meditation. Thrushes gently singing in the rain … what could be finer?

Product Publication Information

Title: Rain Thrush
Type: Pure Nature Soundscapes (stereo/binaural)
Length: 1 track, 72 minutes
Format: MP3 (256kbps) and FLAC digital downloads, On-demand Compact Disc
Download File Name: raing_thrush.zip (138 megabytes); rain_thrush_flac.zip (428 megabytes)
Date Published: February 2013
Recordist: Lang Elliott
Copyright: “Rain Thrush” © 2013 Lang Elliott, Music of Nature, All Rights Reserved (note: each track is individually copyrighted by the person who recorded the track).
Cover Photo: misty forest scene from Shutterstock


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