Birds at Dawn

10 tracks, 70 mins. (Compact Disc Version available here)


BIRDS AT DAWN features ten uplifting dawn choruses from across eastern and central North America. Recordings have been selected for their pleasing combinations of sounds, which bring to mind the bursting forth of life in spring and the glorious concerts of nature at the dawning of the day. Perfect for playing softly in the background while you’re working, or at the beginning of each new day.

TRACK EXCERPTSplay at low volume for the most natural effect:

Detailed Track Descriptions

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1. Kentucky Dawn (6:15) – A lovely dawn chorus from the hills of western Kentucky, near Mammoth Cave National park. Listen for the voices of Wood Thrush, Red-eyed Vireo, Kentucky Warbler, Hooded Warbler, Tufted Titmouse, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Blue Jay, American Crow, a drumming woodpecker, and more. 29 April, 2000, near Cave City, Kentucky. © Lang Elliott.

2. Mountain Spring (5:45) – Relax next to a small bubbling spring in the forested hills of Tennessee. A Northern Cardinal and Tufted Titmouse sound off while Carolina Chickadees and migrating White-throated Sparrows enliven the soundscape with thin, high-pitched whistles. 23 May 1995, near Knoxville, Tennessee. © Lang Elliott.

3. Pocosin Swampsong (7:13) – This pleasant dawn chorus is from the pocosin lakes area in eastern North Carolina (“pocosins” are shrub bogs). Listen for the songs of Gray Catbird, Carolina Wren, and Northern Cardinal. Also note the coos of Mourning Dove and the occasional gunk! call of the Green Frog. 9 August 1994, near Columbia, North Carolina. © Ted Mack.

4. Turkey Roost (7:00) – In the twilight of dawn, a Wild Turkey sounds off from an oak grove next to a stream in southwestern Oklahoma. Listen for the throaty gaws of Chuck-will’s-widow, the songs of Tufted Titmouse, Northern Cardinal, and Painted Bunting, and the nasal notes of Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. 16 May 2005, near Lawton, Oklahoma. © Lang Elliott.

5. Woodpecker Ravine (8:11) – What a glorious expression of nature – a rich and lively chorus of forest songbirds set against the drums of Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and the delicate trickle of a small brook. Listen also for Mourning Dove, Wood Thrush, Veery, Ovenbird, Chestnut-sided Warbler, and more! 14 June 2010, near Brooktondale, New York. © Lang Elliott.

6. Stauffer’s Marsh (8:08) – Resting at a pond’s edge we hear the caroling of Song Sparrows, Red-winged Blackbirds, and Common Yellowthroats, enlivened by the basso accompaniment of Bullfrogs, the gunks of Green Frogs, and clicks of Northern Cricket Frogs – a bursting forth of dawn delight. 5 May 2009, near Berkeley, West Virginia. © Wil Hershberger.

7. Maumee Soundscape (6:00) – Immerse yourself in true mountain music from the hills of southern Indiana. This bright and engaging dawn chorus features the songs of Mourning Dove, Kentucky Warbler, Gray Catbird, White-eyed Vireo, Yellow- breasted Chat, Northern Parula, and Common Yellowthroat. 14 May 2007, near Maumee, Ohio. © Lang Elliott.

8. Ozark Crowfest (8:00) – In the hills surrounding the Buffalo River, we encounter several American Crows giving raucous calls against the babbling gurgle of a small creek. A White-eyed Vireo, Red-eyed Vireo, and Tufted Titmouse sing from the creek’s edge as dawn sheds light on a magnificent Ozark mountain scene. 11 May 2005, near Mountain View, Arkansas. © Lang Elliott.

9. Chaparral Concerto (5:30) – Behold this amazing dawn chorus from the south Texas bush country. Listen for the resonant coos of Common Ground Dove and Greater Roadrunner, as well as the songs of Cactus Wren, Olive Sparrow, Northern Bobwhite, and Pyrrhuloxia. 20 May 2005, near Artesia Well, Texas. © Lang Elliott.

10. Whitewater Chorus (8:04) – Erupting at prairie’s edge, this stunning dawn chorus features Gray Catbird, Eastern and Western Kingbird, Clay-colored Sparrow, Yellow Warbler, House Wren, a woodpecker (drumming), and Sharp-tailed Grouse (soft grunts). Such sweetness, nature’s music at its very best! 4 June 1993, near Whitewater Lake, Manitoba. © Lang Elliott.

Notes by Lang Elliott

lang_500-300x300Putting together this collection of dawn choruses was no easy task. I waded through over a hundred recordings that I had gathered over the past twenty years. I also had Ted Mack and Wil Hershberger send me their best. Then I put my nose to the grindstone and selected only the ones I felt were excellent, recordings that are at once immersive, beautiful, engaging, and relaxing. I am pleased with the result. Featured are dawn choruses from wild places throughout the eastern half of North America, including New York, North Carolina, West Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and even Manitoba. The sounds of dozens of species are represented and some tracks include the gurgling of brooks. Set the volume to a low or moderate level and then sit back and enjoy the striking beauty of some of nature’s finest compositions.

Product Publication Information

Title: Birds at Dawn
Type: Pure Nature Soundscapes (stereo/binaural)
Length: 10 tracks, 70 minutes
Format: MP3 (256kbps) and FLAC digital downloads, On-demand Compact Disc
Download File Name: (130 megabytes); (386 megabytes)
Date Published: February 2013
Recordists: Lang Elliott, Ted Mack, and Wil Hershberger
Copyright: “Birds at Dawn” © 2013 Lang Elliott, Music of Nature, All Rights Reserved (note: each track is individually copyrighted by the person who recorded the track).
Cover Photos: wood thrush closeup © Lang Elliott, background forest scene iStock by Getty Images


  1. David Murray

    Beautiful recordings. Just what I’ve been looking for.

  2. manuela

    Dear Lang,

    I’m in awe of your recordings and the quality is superb. Sounds have been part of my life. A record of creaky homes given to me by my father when I was 10 ish. As a dancer in college, I would enjoy dancing to the sounds of nature. When in college, at Sarah Lawrence College, I created a dance piece in the woods on a steep slope slithering through the tree trunks through the crackling leaves accompanied by the sounds around me. I felt out of my body, in a trance, into a feline’s bod. Listening to your various sound recordings, feels like a communion with nature.

    I’m a friend of Siobhan and Saoirce’s.

    Thank you and I will buy some recordings…can’t decide as they’re all fabulous!.


    • Lang Elliott

      Manuela: Thank you so much for your comment. If you own an iPhone or iPad, I have some good news: In September I will be launching an App that will feature gobs of wonderfully immersive binaural soundscapes. Pop on your headphones or earbuds and you will be transported into the natural world. From ocean waves and thunderstorms to the concerts of crickets and birds, there will be something there for everyone. So please visit my personal website,, and sign on to my newsletter so that you’ll be alerted when the App becomes available.


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