Birds and Brooks

10 tracks, 72 mins. (Compact Disc Version available here)


BIRDS AND BROOKS features the tranquil melodies of distant songbirds set against the gentle gurgling of small creeks and streams. An excellent choice for yoga and meditation. There is nothing more refreshing than the forest in spring, with green leaves unfolding, wildflowers blooming, water sprites dancing, and birds happily singing the music of heaven in this world.

TRACK EXCERPTSplay at low volume for the most natural effect:

Detailed Track Descriptions

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1. Thrush Hollow (8:08) – During a trip to the Smoky Mountains, I stopped along a mountain highway at the break of dawn and hur- ried down a steep ravine to capture this gentle and relaxing dawn chorus. At first it features two Wood Thrushes singing back-and-forth from opposite sides of a creek. As the dawn chorus unfolds, a Scarlet Tanager joins in and other distant bird songs can be heard. 5:45am, 18 May 2000. Foothills Parkway north of Gatlinburg, Tennesse. © Lang Elliott.

2. Mountain Freshet (6:06) – One of my most precious soundscapes, from a second-growth clearing in the mountains of West Virginia. The gurgle is from a temporary stream created by runoff from a recent storm. This soundscape is full to the brim with life! Listen for the songs and calls of Indigo Bunting, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Eastern Towhee, Red-eyed Vireo, American Robin, Gray Catbird, Field Sparrow, and American Crow. 6:10am, 21 May 2000. Canaan Valley, near Davis, West Virginia. © Lang Elliott.

3. Nightjar Creek (6:32) – It is dawn in the Wichita Mountains of southwester Oklahoma. A small creek winds through dry hills of scattered oak woods and grassy clearings. Crickets chirp and Chuck-will’s-widows sing in the semi-darkness. Soon a Tufted Titmouse joins in, and then another. Toward the end, A Carolina Wren and Northern Cardinal add their melodies to the chorus. Wichita Mountains near Lawton, Oklahoma. 6am, 5 June 2000. © Lang Elliott.

4. Babbling Brooksong (8:08) – A superbly gentle dawn chorus recorded in early May in the Leatherwood Wilderness in northern Arkansas. Listen for distant Whip-poor-will and the songs of Tufted Titmouse, Louisiana Waterthrush, Magnolia Warbler (or is that Hooded Warbler?), Black-and-white Warbler, and Kentucky Warbler. 6:30am, 11 May 2005. © Lang Elliott.

5. Streamside Medley (7:16) – A small creak winds through a hollow deep in the forest. A Louisiana Waterthrush sings from a limb overhanging the creek. In the background, we hear the songs of Wood Thrush, Veery, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Black-capped Chickadee, Common Yellowthroat, and a very low-key Mourning Dove. Sitting along the bank of the creek, we are entranced by what we hear. 5:30am, 22 Kay 2007, Shindagin Hollow near Brooktondale, New York. © Lang Elliott.

6. Swallow Dawn (5:27) – Water runs over a beaver dam next to a northern swamp. Spring Peepers call in the background throughout. Listen particularly for the cricket-like teet-trit-teet-teet-trit … this is the dawn song of the Tree Swallow (also heard throughout). Subtle bird sounds include the songs of American Robin (last half) and very distant Swamp Sparrow (I think). Adirondack Mountains near Paul Smiths, New York. 5:00am, 8 June 2000. © Lang Elliott.

7. Veery Dreams (8:44) – A wonderfully relaxing mix of subtle bird songs set against the hollow gurgle of water flowing over a beaver dam. Listen for the spiraling, flutey cascades of Veery thrush and the bright trills of Chipping Sparrow (or is that Dark-eyed Junco?). Listen also for the songs of Ovenbird, American Robin, Winter Wren, and Black-capped Chickadee. 6am, 20 May 2007. Michigan Hollow near Danby, New York. © Lang Elliott.

8. Whitethroat Migration (5:01) – This is a favorite … an early spring dawn chorus featuring the sweet whistles of migrating White-throated Sparrows set again the gentle trickle of a spring freshet. Listen also for the hoots of a Barred Owl, nasal notes of Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, and the songs of Northern Cardinal, White-eyed Vireo, Northern Parula, Carolina Wren, and Mourning Dove. Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky. 4 April 2000. © Lang Elliott.

9. Water Chorus (8:56) – Recorded at first light, this pleasing soundscape features the gentle gurgling of a small stream accompanied by a variety of low-key bird songs, including those of Wood Thrush, American Robin, Common Yellowthroat, Black-capped Chickadee, and Mourning Dove. 5am, 7 July 2000, near Ithaca, New York. © Lang Elliott.

10. Forest Calm (8:08) – Wonderfully relaxing, this strongly “zen-infused” recording features the shimmering trills of crickets and subtle bird songs, set against the hollow gurgling of a small spring that originates at the base of a rock ledge. The ending is sweet … listen for the descending, whistled songs of a lone Canyon Wren, singing from the top of the ledge. Recorded on a hot afternoon in a small grassy meadow in the Black Hills of South Dakota. 6 June 2011. © Lang Elliott.

Notes by Lang Elliott

lang_500-300x300In Hermann Hesse’s famous novel Siddhartha, the leading character finds enlightenment while listening to the “thousand voices” of a river. Entranced, Siddhartha experiences a moment of deep illumination and finally discovers peace within.

The myriad voices of small streams and creeks, accentuated by the twittering of birds, has the power to draw nearly anyone into a state of profound peacefulness, but only if one listens with an open heart and quiet mind. In selecting recordings for this title, I tried to choose those that naturally beckon an inner transformation, an effortless release of one’s cares and woes. I came up with ten that I felt had the desired effect. Was I successful in my choices? Maybe, maybe not … only those of you who deeply listen will know.

Product Publication Information

Title: Birds and Brooks
Type: Pure Nature Soundscapes (stereo/binaural)
Length: 10 tracks, 72 minutes
Format: MP3 (256kbps) and FLAC digital downloads, On-demand Compact Disc
Download File Name: (135 megabytes); (415 megabytes)
Date Published: February 2013
Recordist: Lang Elliott
Copyright: “Birds and Brooks” © 2013 Lang Elliott, Music of Nature, All Rights Reserved (note: each track is individually copyrighted by the person who recorded the track).
Cover Photos: scarlet tanager closeup © Lang Elliott, background forest scene from Shutterstock


  1. JJ

    Amazing stuff. It sounds like my feet are wet.

  2. Connie

    I am so happy that I have discovered your recordings. I thought myself odd to feel such bliss with this kind of audio soundtrack. Thank you!

  3. Fran

    How soothing to the soul this is. If I close my eyes, I can see myself in the woods near a stream absorbing all.


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