Compact Disc Versions

CD Titles in line

Most of our titles are available as Audio Compact Discs through Trepstar, a reputable “on-demand” service that makes and ships your CDs automatically when you place an order. The price is $12 per title plus shipping. We suggest that you make a list of desired titles beforehand. Trepstar’s interface is simple and straightforward. Trepstar will process your order securely and ship your CDs promptly. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after your order is placed and a shipping alert when your items are shipped.

Click here to go to our Trepstar Store to securely order compact discs.

CD Quality: Trepstar uses only the best blank CD-R media in the world, Taiyo Yuden discs (JVC brand). Taiyo Yuden discs have a life span of 100 years when stored in a safe and cool environment (excessive heat, humidity, or direct sunlight will reduce the life span).

NOTE: there are currently no volume discounts being offered for CD purchases, but you will save significantly on shipping costs if you order several titles at once. Also, because of the limited capacity of audio compact discs, titles in which the digital version is over 72 minutes in length have been necessarily reduced in time.

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