Caprock Coulee Soundscape

Caprock Coulee Featured Image

Enjoy this beautiful summer dawn chorus from Teddy Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota. Listen for the songs of American Crow, Yellow-breasted Chat, Mourning Dove, Painted Bunting, Eastern Towhee, Field Sparrow, and crickets. I made this recording during a westward journey in 2011. It is among my favorites …

Nature Immersion

Nature Immersion diagram

We are born into a magical world of sensory delight, our beings naturally tuned to our surroundings. We are part of nature, our senses connecting us to the whole like an umbilical cord, allowing us to commune with and be nurtured by the source from which we have sprung …

Dream of Spring

Beaver Pond

As temperatures plummet here in upstate New York (currently 14F and heading for below zero this weekend), I cannot help but dream of spring. Yesterday I stumbled upon a dawn chorus from May 31 in 2013, recorded at a beaver pond not far from where I live. Somehow it had escaped my notice. But when I listened to it, I was struck by its inherent beauty, by the sweetly balanced mix of frog and bird sounds as dawn unfolds …

To Be A Child Again

What does it truly mean, as an adult, “to be a child again”? From my perspective, it is to touch upon an innocent frame of mind, an emotional state that is at once light-hearted, fun, and receptive to the beauty, the miracle around us. To lose that, as many adults do, seems sad and unnecessary. I personally strive to keep that flame alive within me, to experience it whenever I can, for without it I would not be able to survive in good health and spirits.

American Toad Mating Frenzy

American Toad - Mating Frenzy featured image © Lang Elliott

Warm spring weather has lured the American Toads into their breeding ponds and pools. Males grab at anything that moves and often clump together in a mass around single females. Amplexus pairs sink to the bottom, and females begin laying their long strings of eggs. What an amazing spring mating ritual!

Grackle Squeaks

Grackle Squeak - featured image by Lang Elliott

Of all backyard bird sounds, perhaps the least musical is the song of the Common Grackle. Check out this funny video of males giving their raspy squeaks as they lean forward and puff out their feathers …

Bloodroot Impressions

Bloodroot Featured Image © Lang Elliott

In this engaging video, I’ve brought together my favorite clips of Bloodroot and ordered them to help convey the luminous quality of the flowers, informed by the depth of my personal experience of being there, immersed in the bloom and in search of creative expression …

Sucker Run

White Sucker - Featured Image © Lang Elliott

Today I got my best underwater video footage of spawning male White Suckers, gathered at the base of a waterfall at the edge of town, excitedly awaiting the arrival of receptive females.

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